AgScape Feeding Innovation

05 - Perry Wilson, FCC Vice President

March 16, 2022 AgScape / Perry Wilson Season 1 Episode 5
AgScape Feeding Innovation
05 - Perry Wilson, FCC Vice President
Show Notes

In this week’s episode of Feeding Innovation, we are talking to Perry Wilson, Vice President of Farm Credit Canada. Perry is here to discuss the creation of FCC’s Agriculture More Than Ever Program and all things agriculture education.

Unlike many people that come to work for FCC, Perry started out in the automotive industry before changing directions. Initially, he obtained a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. After a while, he went back to school and studied business. By working for an agricultural lender for 3 years, he landed a role at FCC. FCC is an institution wholly dedicated to agricultural businesses while others have departments that specialize in it.

Agriculture More Than Ever is a program that Perry has been heavily involved in since its inception. It has been designed to change perceptions of the Canadian agriculture industry and highlight its importance and multi-faceted nature.

Canada is a leading agricultural producer in the world, but needs to take further advantage of opportunities within the country. The industry needs new, innovative people to re-invigorate it. The tech sector is creating more and more opportunities within agriculture and it’s often something people don’t consider.

Agriculture is a complex industry. Markets, weather, disease, and regulatory issues all affect how the industry runs. Not to mention unforeseen things like a global pandemic. Today, there are fewer farmers, and overcoming barriers is essential to continue to grow the industry. Foster curiosity in yourself and your community.


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