AgScape Feeding Innovation

09 - Darren Anderson - Co-founder and CEO of Vive Crop Protection

September 09, 2022 AgScape / Darren Anderson Season 1 Episode 9
AgScape Feeding Innovation
09 - Darren Anderson - Co-founder and CEO of Vive Crop Protection
Show Notes

Joining us on this episode is Darren Anderson, who is co-founder and CEO of Vive Crop Protection. Darren talks to us about his path from science to agriculture and biotech business owner, and how students can prepare for a career in entrepreneurship.

Vive Crop Protection makes more sustainable and effective pesticides for growers, enabling them to get the best results from the products they use. Darren wasn’t always on the path to agriculture and entrepreneurship, but while at university he was influenced by speakers at his school who would come and discuss how they used their science background for entrepreneurship.

The most important thing is to not be afraid of failure. Failure is the only way to learn. To help spread this message, Darren began a tutoring business to aid students. As a business owner, Darren does need to hire, and he needs to hire people with a wide range of skills. Chemists in different specializations, regulatory scientists, and safety personnel are all sought-after roles that wouldn’t normally be thought of.

Darren talks about the value of failure in building a career, building teams and the skillsets those teams need, and the soft people skills essential to running a modern company. 

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