AgScape Feeding Innovation

02 - Katherine Jones, Growing Chefs Ontario

October 05, 2021 AgScape / Katherine Jones Season 1 Episode 2
AgScape Feeding Innovation
02 - Katherine Jones, Growing Chefs Ontario
Show Notes

In the second episode of the AgScape Feeding Innovation Podcast, we talk to Chef and Educator Katherine Jones of Growing Chefs Ontario.

Katherine talks about how Growing Chefs Ontario is changing the way we learn about and develop healthy relationships with food. Growing Chefs! Ontario is a registered charity based in London, Ontario that unites chefs, growers, educators and community members in children’s food education projects.   

Growing Chefs Ontario

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AgScape is an Ontario charity dedicated to bringing Agriculture & Food education into the classroom! Our Teacher Ambassadors will work alongside you to show your students the role they play in Canada’s food system as informed consumers - and they will also be exposed to all the opportunities for future careers waiting for them in the Canadian Food and Agriculture sector!

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Our Vision
A world where the agri-food sector is recognized as a vehicle for positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

Our Mission
We empower Ontario students with impartial and accurate information to increase awareness of the agri-food system and ignite interest in related careers.


Lack of consumer knowledge about food and farming systems is a contributing factor to the economic challenges facing Ontario’s agri-food industry.

Myths about food and farming constantly challenge the growth and progress of the agri-food industry

Educating students about food and farming can help dispel myths, create a deeper interest and connection to food, and promote local (Canadian) food.

There is a disconnect between the agri-food industry and consumers

Agriculture is currently not recognized as a separate subject within the Ontario curriculum


Creative programming connects food, farming, and health, expanding the profile of Ontario’s agri-food sector.

We collaborate with partners to deliver education programming that excites students and teachers, and encompasses all food production systems in Ontario.

We connect classrooms with agri-food perspectives that increase understanding, encourage critical thinking, and stimulate dialogue.